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Do you wish that you could melt away your daily stresses? It is not uncommon to find yourself wishing that you could just relax and unwind, but wouldn't it be lovely to do it in the erotic way? Allow one of our enchantresses to take sensual care of you! As her magic hands dance around your body, finding all the most sensitive spots, paying attention to every muscle and every area of accumulated tension, you start to fall into sweet relaxation, while the waves of erotic ecstasy sweep over you, wiping out the last remnants of your daily stresses and concerns, obliterating all your worries and rightly deeming them as nothing but passing sensations, opening for you the deepest level of your being, which is pure joy, love and vitality. Completely gorgeously naked, unpardonably sensual and irresistibly seductive, your sensual massage NYC therapist knows well how to tease you and please you, how to arouse and relax you, how to give you the most erotic nude massage and how to turn this sensual naked massage into the supreme sensory delight.

Our masseuses, have had a specialist training, in the Sensual arts, to ensure your Sensual Massage in New York is exceptional! This is a safe haven, with dedicated and attentive ladies, to guarantee you a wonderful time.

Also available: 30 minutes of bathing Ritual, your masseuse will join you in the bath together she will bathe you, relaxing your muscles after a hard day, is ideal before the ideal massage, whether its pure relaxation or sensual pleasure you need or the best of both worlds! -followed by a wonderful experience of a full body massage, tantric, sensual or erotic.


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